Date Night Cards. One date for each month of the year. A year of dates to create a year of memories.

Date night cards that you can either have as they come or personalise with your own dates for the year. Perfect for a first (paper) wedding anniversary

Each card is printed with your names at the top to make them unique and special to you as a couple.

Personalise the first card for example, Twelve dates. One for each month of the year for us to enjoy together.

Then choose to either have the following dates or create your own.

The standard dates are

January - Cinema Date. Any film you'd like with snacks.

February - A dinner date. Either somewhere new or our favourite restaurant.

March - Let's have a night on the town. Dancing or just chatting somewhere we haven't been before.

April - Recreate our first date together.

May - Physical activity or sporting date. Bike ride, walk, swim?

June - Go strawberry picking or just buy some strawberries and enjoy with something fizzy.

July - A walk in the country or in the local park. Hopefully enjoying the summer sunshine.

August - Let's have a trip to the seaside. Paddle in the sea or just to eat fish and chips.

September - Let's have a picnic. Outdoors if it's warm and indoors if it's chilly.

October - Stargazing. Let's take a rug and find somewhere to lay down and watch the stars.

November - Film and takeaway. Sit back and relax.

December - Spend some time together before the Christmas rush. Perhaps just a night in relaxing.

Available in a range of colours.

Date Night Cards